Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Embracing Spring and captured moments

  • These photos capture a moment in time. Our chilren grow up so fast. If I could hold time in a bottle, these are the moments I'd cherish. They have such a delight in nature. Flowers grace their grubby, little hands each Spring and Summer and end up wilting in little jars all over our home. Free gifts from children are the best, aren't they?Max studies the plants and decides what they are all about. Sometimes he'll be inspired to draw what he finds in our bog and yard. Dandylion fluff is the best! Make a wish and blow your dreams into the future. By the next week we'll have yellow flowers scattered in our yard, ready for more flower chains and if they last long enough, more fluff again!Charlotte is all girl. She is strong and bossy with her three brothers and loves them so.  She would rather wear brown than pink, but she is into anything Hello Kitty. She loves kittens, hamsters and bunnies. She is begging us to get a bunny for her. Grant is in his imaginary place where knights and soldiers and sword fights live. This Spring he has discovered the Civil War and wants his birthday cake to "be a Civil War cake". I'll have to get creative and hopefully the cake will match the idea he has in his head. Ben is our kind soul. He has an emotional intelligence rarely seen in children. He is tender and kind and loves dogs. He draws dogs with hearts. He sleeps with his stuffed dogs, has puppy pictures and dog books in his special place by his bed. Ben is a dog boy.
We welcome Spring. We embrace the rain and warmth, but most of all, we are thankful for the gifts God has given us...Grant, Max, Charlotte, and Benjamin.
What are the times you'd like to capture in a bottle?
(All photos by Jeremy or Ava ~ thank you!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our children at a Spring Celebration

We experienced ten years of infertility. It was a very difficult journey for us. I feel that we have a garden of babies waiting for us in heaven. We didn't want to grow old without children, so we decided to adopt. From the time we walked into our adoption agency to the moment we walked out of the hospital, with our baby boy in our arms, 9 months had passed. I find this amazing. The length of a pregnancy and we were proud parents of our first son Grant. His name is very special to us. Grant: to bestow a gift; to keep a promise. He is a gift from God and a gift from an amazing woman who loved him enough to choose to give him to us, to hopefully give him a better life, to not abort him. He is born of prayers and love. Then, just two and a half short years later, I birthed our next three children. It was an amazing pregnancy. It was one of the most physically challenging journeys I've ever been on. They are all healthy and happy children. There is a verse in the Bible that stayed with me all those years of empty arms and aching heart. Psalm 113:9 ~ "He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord". 
We look forward to growing old with our children.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

here is "kiss from klimt" doll. she is my most recent clay creation.

I was inspired by Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss". His use of gold leaf and patterns is so very beautiful. He had an ugly life to some and yet he was able to create some powerful works of art. He inspired the Art Nouveau style. He became one of the world's greatest decorative artists. He was born just outside Vienna in 1862 and was the oldest of seven children. He used semi-precious stones, gold leaf and enamels in his art. He died in 1918 at age 56. It is said that he had many lovers and fathered at least 14 children.
My "Kiss from Klimt" is made from polymer clay and is sealed and painted using acrylics. Her hair is braided clay. I used fine ribbon and bead spacers to attach her arms and legs. I used crystal beads for buttons on her shoes. She is one of a kind and available to purchase. Feel free to email me if interested in any of my work.

some of my sculptures

  • This is the first sculpture I tried. My sister Trese introduced me to polymer clay a few summers ago and I've been inspired to make "dolls". Her hair reminds me of croisants, so maybe she's French?                                                                                   
  • "Pup-pup" was made for our Ben. He adores dogs and this one looks a little like our Pup, Charlston Chew, it is unfinished.                                                                                                

Mermaid is my favorite so far (mermaid has been sold).  I had a lot of fun creating her and was inspired by my brother Troy Howell's art in Mermaid Tales From Around the World (Mary Pope Osborne ~ author) and Lizbeth Zwerger's art too. I used shells, from Maine, in her hair.   Queen of Hearts was made for a challenge on Cloth and Clay Dolls (ning site). This is the first time I've sewed clothes for a doll. You can see her on Cloth and Clay Dolls site.  Owl was inspired by a visit of an owl to my brother's home last spring. It is also made for my daddy,  (passed on to glory in April of '97) who loved birds.  I continue to work with clay and have made others that I will eventually post here. All are one of a kind (OOAK) and are available to purchase, if you are interested. Feel free to email me at:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

green and gold

My beloved surrounded by the quartet and pup-pup. He loved the handmade cards, corned beef and cabbage and potato leek soup. He is finer than gold to me. Our children are green shoots emerging from the winter snow. Spring is upon us. Welcoming us with sunshine and possibilities.

our wood sprite

the wearin' of the green and celebrating a birthday too

Yesterday my beloved celebrated a birthday. He has Scotch-Irish blood mixed with German flowing in his veins. Our children made birthday cards with rainbow colors and pots of gold and heart shapes. Pup-Pup joined in the fun with a run in the bog. We feel blessed rather than lucky. We ate ice cream before dinner.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A timid toe touches the uncertain path into the virtual world of blogging.

It is my foot that touches down on this virtual road to Oz. Where will it lead me? What beautiful souls will I meet along the way? I'm wearing my silver shoes today. Whenever I long for home, my feet will guide the way. Until then, Emerald City shines in the distance. I'm certain it is full of the whimsical and wild and wonderful. Much like me. Like attracts like and deep speaks to deep. Join me along the path.