Friday, March 11, 2011

under the weather

It's hard to be motivated, productive or creative when I'm feeling ill. Recently, I have been hit hard with a respiratory illness. Our insurance (Cobra) ran out on January 31. I was so sick one day a few weeks ago that my Beloved insisted that I go see our doctor. The nurse practitioner prescribed an antibiotic for me and that seemed to help. I was well for about a week and now, it's returned. 

I feel weathered. I feel achy and have very little energy. Our children have also been sick.

I know studies have shown that when people go through loss or change that the likelihood of illness increases. 
Creativity is an outlet I cherish. Being able to work with clay, beads, paint, words and photography help me maintain a balance in my life. Most often I am busy caring for our children and our home. It is a gift to have time to be creative.
I began painting my wood sprite doll last night. Right now her skin is a parchment color and I painted her hair a grass green. I'm not sure I like the color of her hair. I may change it. 

My Frida doll is coming along. I've painted her face and body but, I'm at a loss as to how to decorate her body. Do I paint clothes on her or drape her with lace or fabric? Frida Kahlo was inspired by pain to paint. What will inspire me? She sits and waits.

There is so much to accomplish.
I have very little energy today.
Instead, I sit and blog and care for our oldest who is home from school today.
He has a fever and a congested cough.
Life is predictable in it's unpredictability.


gpc said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you'll all feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to know that illness is back. You creativity still shines! Perfect representations, the weathered windows and other photos depict quite well your dilemma. Is that the Nashua River flowing behind you? looks almost flood stage, another example of the rushing vicissitudes of life.
XO Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca, you sound like your going through the wars. Hope you pick up soon!
What a terrible thing to happen to someone so close to you. Must be so hard for you to loose her in this life but to know she is reborn so quickly also, is a blessing.
There's a really great book called 'Love from both sides' by Stephanie Riseley. Which is a very similar experience you had. Stephanie's husband dies but doesn't want to leave her and keeps coming to her in dreams and other ways. He keeps apologising for how badly he treated her.
He ends up being a little girl in Africa. He chose this life to help him appreciate people around him.
While he was developing in the young african girls womb he still visits his wife. When he is fully intergrated into the baby girl the visits finally stop.

Just wanted to check to see if you are having any foods with aspartame/assluflame/neotame in?
There in low fat and low sugar foods. Sweetx etc Diet pop, Fruit shoots. Low fat yogarts, list goes on. This chemical makes you ill.
Check your food to see if this can be ruled out. If your food does contain it, change them as much as you can. The chemical was made during world war for germ warfair and a chemist found it tasted sweet by accident and companies have since placed it in foods as its cheaper than sugar. Do you have pidgeons? Soemtimes can cuase an illness from their poo.
It maybe a shot in the dark, but hopefully you can find the source where your illness is coming from.
Thank you so much for sharing your life with me, It's a very sad but very special story!
Loves of love to you!

A Magical Whimsy said...

I am so 'sowwwry' you are not well. This sounds funny, but since I have been 'walking' through the Lysol spray 'mist' it took away my scratchy sore throat, and also my congestion is getting less. It is suppose to get rid of 99% of flu and viruses and I do believe, it I spray twice a day, it is helping. (If you think any of your family is allergic to the spray, then do it outside.) I was getting desperate, and a friend suggested to me that is what she has been doing. I have been sick off and on ever since Thanksgiving. And the longer it lasts the weaker you become. Also, drink lot of water. My energy level has been nil.
Yes, and I love your photography to portray just how you feel. God knows, for whatever reason, a lot of people everywhere have been really sick this winter. Hopefully the sunshine will blast some of the germs away. But start using the Lysol spray faithfully...I think you will notice a difference.

peggy aplSEEDS said...

i hope you all get well soon. sending healing thoughts and prayers your way.