Friday, June 4, 2010

rouge to pink

  • Spring time in New England is full of color. Instead of writing my usual "Free Spirit Friday" post, I wanted to post these beautiful red to pink colors noticed a few days ago here in Pepperell. Our town has a small airport. The landing strip is packed earth. It is well known for sky diving. The grass has grown high on the outskirts of the landing strip. Charlotte loves her red dress. Red roses with a faint and tender aroma grow at our friend's house.

They grow pink roses too.

The pale pink color of this poppy is precious. The petals are so delicate.
We have my niece Ava and her husband Jeremy visiting from Virginia. We plan on exploring Boston tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend my friends.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Boston! So glad Ava and Jeremy are there.
Have you read Nie Nie this past week? I just went there...she needs healing prayers for a neck/skin graft that is in place and beginning to heal. Christian and Stephine are so sweet and he is posting blogs for her while she is still in the hospital in Phoenix.
Your photos of the pinks and reds are beautiful...Charlotte looks good in red!

Tarnished and Tarnished said...

Tell Charlotte she looks like such a grown up girl in her beautiful red dress. Oh, they grow too fast! New England, wow, that is one area of the US I have not discovered. It looks amazing. Have a wonderful weekend. Lisa

Jingle said...

These are beautiful photos!