Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my recent artistic endeavor ~ altered book

I was recently invited to take an altered book class with one of my friends. I had heard of this art form a while back and was interested in learning more. The class was held at a local stamp and paper shop. Our teacher has had years of fun and experience altering books. She had hardbound books ready for us to literally tear apart. I am an avid book reader and lover of fine books. It was not difficult for me to tear pages out of the pulp fiction sitting in front of me. The book was bound nicely but, the writer had much to be desired. The words were trash (the book I'm altering is titled Doctor Love; you get the idea)!

I had a wonderful time painting, inking, taping, tearing, and covering words and creating a completely different book.

I learned how to make a "peek-a-boo" window, a pop-up, and pockets.

We altered three pages in the class. Our instructor encouraged us to finish those three pages at home and to continue experimenting with our book. There are no rules in art!

 Using clip art, ink, acrylic paints, glue, torn pages from other books and stamps, I have enjoyed altering more pages.

Unfortunately, I am unable to download a lot of the altered pages I've completed but, you get the idea.
My friend Joy, and I hope to go to the second class in January. I think we'll learn how to make niches and drawers. Have you done altered books or collage before?


Anonymous said...

I love what you have learned in the altered book 'class' Looks like lots of fun creativity! Oh, and on Gollywobbles site even down further, there is a section on the right that says 'Journaling' which, I am sure includes altered journaling. There are a lot of well known names in the list.
love you,
your sis,

t howell said...

I always take joy from anything you create, Rebecca <3

Trishia said...

Bonsoir, Rebecca, and thank you for the virtual hugs:) I hope your husband's employment prospects are more promising this year.
I have had the privilege of taking a couple of altered book art classes myself. In fact, thanks for the reminder. I'll have to do a blog post about mine. I created a pop-up on one page. There's just no end to the fun ideas they come up with for the altered books and as you pointed out, some novels are in serious need of alteration:)hehehe