Monday, January 10, 2011

lights (and my crystal light catchers)

The reason I began a blog was to showcase the beaded, crystal light catchers I make. I use hand-selected glass beads and the finest crystal prisms and string them on quality ribbon. Each light catcher is handmade and one of a kind. 

The idea came to me late one night about 3 years ago. I use seven hand selected fine beads (cloisonné, lamp worked, Czech, silver or gold foil, etc.) to represent the seven seen colors of the rainbow. I use fine, German crystal prisms.
These light catchers can be hung in sunny windows and the scatter rainbow circles throughout the room. They evoke a sense of calm and peace. They make great bereavement gifts or a just because gift for yourself or others.

There is a wonderful light shop in downtown Boston. It is a cozy, warm place tucked between a bookstore and piano showroom on Tremont Street.

The last time we were in Boston, we were drawn to this store and enjoyed looking at all the lighting options.

This crystal chandelier is beautifully positioned in their front window and I'm sure when sunlight streams in the color display is spectacular.

These photos were taken in Yellowstone at the Yellowstone Inn. If you've never been there, you must go. Yellowstone is magnificent and the Inn is unique and hospitable. 

The western theme is throughout.
If you are interested in my beaded light catchers, leave me a note. They are reasonably priced and one of a kind. 
My sister-in-law will be featuring them in her new shop in Park City, Utah.


Deirdra Doan said...

Love your post..and all the light photo's..I have so many lamps in my home and chandeliers that are not even hung.... Your Light Catchers are so cute...
That is what we are Light Catchers..Catching the light of Christ..and shinning his Glory to the world. It is nice to have a Christian blog friend. I am often careful about what I say just to not offend. But I had to say what I said on my blog recently...

By the way if you look at my blog much you know I am a Klimt fan.
Loved your Klimt doll.
I also went to your 4 golden eggs blog..such a lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love Deirdra's comment! She is in Cloth and Clay too! Her dolls are fantastic. What a sweetie!
I like your latest post too, and I love it that your light catchers are 'catching' hold.
love you sister....
P.S. Yes, I did mean 'love YOU sister' (not 'love your sister')
Is the photo of your back snowed-in
bog? Wow! That is a lot of snow!

Anonymous said...

Me again.
I just looked up Maggie Taylor's Alice In Wonderland and Amazon has it from $75.00 to $148.00 and two collectible editions for $960.00!
You have rare treasure there!
Did you get it a Dept. 19? (or whatever that store is called that sells books cheap?)
I was amazed by the prices?

Deirdra Doan said...

HI Rebecca,
I went to your brothers blog and web! Wow..he is a Big boy in the illustration publishing world. Is he like you in his faith?

I have been struggling with my Childrens book.
Would he be open to give advice?
Here are a few posts about it.