Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday ~ last day of school

  • Our oldest son finishes first grade today. He is growing up. We are so blessed to be his parents. We struggled for 10 years to have a baby. Finally, we decided to adopt. From the time we entered the adoption agency to the time we left the hospital with Grant in our arms, was the length of a pregnancy (9 months). We met Grant a month before he was born. His birth mom and dad chose us to be their baby's parents. What a gift of love they gave us! The four of us chose his name. Grant ~ "to bestow a gift or keep a promise". It fits him perfectly. He is a happy, healthy, and active boy. He loves his family, our dog, our cats, science, math, the civil war, sports, chess, and Wii sports. He makes us smile every day.We could not imagine life without this precious son of ours. We thank God every day for him. I am so thankful that his birth mom chose to give him life. I was in the delivery room when Grant was born. I wiped tears falling from her eyes. I wiped my own too.

  • Psalm 126:6 "Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy (and lullabies)".

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wandering the Boston Public Garden (and it's free)

This past weekend, my beloved and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. We had the pleasure of spending Saturday in Boston with my niece Ava and her husband Jeremy.  The four of us have limited funds, as both my beloved and Jeremy are unemployed at the moment. We have found that there are many pleasures in life that are free. The Boston Public Garden is one such pleasure. Located in the heart of Boston, lies this 24 acre, rectangular shaped park. It once was a salt marsh and now is a beautiful park with paths, flower beds, fountains, statues and trees, and a girder bridge (once the world's shortest suspension bridge) right in the middle. There are weeping willows, horse chestnuts, dawn redwoods, European beeches, ginkgo trees, European and American elms, and one California redwood tree. One can purchase a ride on the paddle swan boat. These Swan boats have been drifting on the four acre lake since 1877. Usually, a college student, sitting at the back of the boat, does all the paddling work. Do you notice the two swans nesting near the small lake? They are mute and named "Romeo and Juliet". The person naming them didn't realize they are two females. This one glided across the water in search of food and would dip it's head down into the water. It was a wonderful experience having this swan so close. There are many bronze statues in the Park. This one is a favorite and is based on Robert McCloskey's book, Make Way For Ducklings. It is a charming, children's book about a Mother and Father duck in search of a good place to raise their ducklings. They end up selecting the Boston Public Garden as their nesting place.  We purchased a print of the ducklings from this gentleman artist. We will frame it and hang it in a special place in our home.

We have lived here, in Massachusetts, for 8 years and always enjoy our time in this Public Garden. It has been a National Historic Landmark since 1987. It is well worth the visit.

Friday, June 4, 2010

rouge to pink

  • Spring time in New England is full of color. Instead of writing my usual "Free Spirit Friday" post, I wanted to post these beautiful red to pink colors noticed a few days ago here in Pepperell. Our town has a small airport. The landing strip is packed earth. It is well known for sky diving. The grass has grown high on the outskirts of the landing strip. Charlotte loves her red dress. Red roses with a faint and tender aroma grow at our friend's house.

They grow pink roses too.

The pale pink color of this poppy is precious. The petals are so delicate.
We have my niece Ava and her husband Jeremy visiting from Virginia. We plan on exploring Boston tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend my friends.