Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Words for 2012

Appreciate   Allow   Art   Admire   Accomplish
Be   Believe   Bible   Balance
Create   Climb   Cheer   Communicate

Do   Divine   Dress-Up   Dance

Embrace   Enjoy   Explore   Engage  Expect

Forgive   Family   Faith   Fun

Give   Gentle   Gratitude   God   Gain   Guide
Help   Hug   Hold   Hope   Heal   Health

Inspire   Imagine   Innovate   Involved  
Jesus   Joy

Kiss   Keep   Kindness
Love   Live   Learn   Lift
Make   Mentor   Motivate   Meditate
Notice   New   Navigate

Open   Others   Opportunity   Observe
Pray   Praise   Ponder   Play   Perspective   Participate   Paint   Photograph
Question   Quote

Read   Realize   Raise   Relate   Resolve   Repair   Review   Recycle   Red Shoes
Study   Serve   Sacrifice   Seek   Save   Satisfy   Share   Spontaneous
Strengthen   Sing

Trust   Tenderness   Teach   Travel
Understand   Undertake   Utilize

Volunteer   Validate   Victorious 

Wake   Welcome   Walk   Wonder   Work   Write   With
eXalt   fiX   relaX   MMXII
Yahweh   Yield   You
Zest   and   Zeal

1 comment:

A Magical Whimsy said...

I love all of the photos and all of the alphabetical words of thought.
The photo of you and David is looks like you just finished dancing a mamba or the one where the man leans over the floor holding the woman low. My mind is a blank for the name of that dance.
May you have joy and peace this year in your heart and may all of your trials resolve themselves.
love you,