Friday, April 30, 2010

Free Spirit Friday

 I usually spotlight someone who is unique, or shown talent or bravery on Free Spirit Friday. I was thinking this morning about what moments in their childhood may have inspired them to be the people they became. Was it parents who guided and supported them? Was is a unique and challenging childhood? Was it a spiritual event that caused them to act? Or, is it simply that we are born with the blueprint of who we will become. I wonder if this is the old nature vs. nurture theory? Whatever it is, I believe that we have influence on children. I remember teachers who made me feel empowered and gifted when I was the child who was different than the others. I remember the mailman who greeted me with a smile and blue, twinkling eyes each day. I am blessed to have had a comfortable childhood with parents who loved me, older brothers and sisters who included me, read to me, encouraged me, taught me about God and The Lord Jesus Christ. My childhood was full of adventures, pretend, dress-up, nature, books and art, spankings, inspiration, guidance and love. I am not one who has made a big impact on humanity, but rather, small ripples in a small circle of people my life has made contact.
Now, I have the great responsibility of guiding our four precious children. I hope that I inspire them, promote their gifts and interests, lead them gently to God, re-direct when necessary and never snuff out their spirits or prevent them from becoming who they need to be. What do you do in the life of a child to encourage them to be all that they will become?
Listen, care, encourage, read, respect, direct, and above all LOVE always.
I'd love to hear from you (yes, you)!

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Oh yes sweetie, I love to read your blog. I love that you know how it is raising 3 very unique & special kids. You are a wonder to me, since you have a darling older child too. That must have been such a challenge. Your kiddo's are beautiful, really precious. I so agree with everything you posted. It is an awesome responsibility to know that every word I say, everything I do is going to affect them. Sometimes I just have to tell myself, 'girl your not perfect, they'll make it anyway' LOL Mine were born 8/14/05 at 30 weeks, so I'm a little nervous about starting kindergarten in the fall. My daughter is so ready, the boys- well boys are different huh? This has turned into a letter, sorry. Just love to visit you. Lisa said...

Email me okay? We have a LOT in common.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to read this "Free Spirit Friday" and to know that your children are very special little souls~~~knowing them so personally as I do makes me agree with you all the more. Their desire to learn, to experience, to search out new adventures shows that there is not a dull one in the Bunch!:) Bless you for all the photos, too. Good job Mommy! <3 Mother

Anonymous said...

It's Me!!!
It was so good talking to you on the are so encouraging.
Elijah looks like he is quite the artist. One of the photos looks like a 'Monet' watercolor. Do we have another fine budding artist in the family? The talent seems to miss the girls...but the boys are the lucky ones. I guess we girls are creative in the 3-D world. I went to NieNie's site, and she needs some prayers again for a hospital stay. What a precious girl she is.
I loved all of the children on their 'Free Friday' photos.
Have a lovely weekend...we're headed to the coast Sat. afternoon.

Trishia said...

Just a note to say hello and let you know I dropped in. Loved your Perspective post!
Now that my 26-year-old 'baby' is back in the nest, it is too funny to hear her say back to me things I told her when she was a child. All those times I thought she wasn't listening!ha! Just the other day I found out she thought I was the most wonderful mother in the world the way I made apple slices smothered with peanut butter -- because she never could get the peanut butter to 'stick' when she tried it; it just kept sliding off the apple. So she thought I was exceptionally talented!ha! Imagine what other ways our children must look up to us and we don't even know it:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! sweet sister,
Just letting you know 'A Fanciful Twist' is having her Mad Tea Party on June 26th...if you want people to link back to your site, and if you want to have your 'own' little blog tea party that others can 'join' in with you, Vanessa has a 'badge' link you can transfer to your blog to participate. I really want to set up a blog. I am going to set up my
'Alice In Wonderland' pop up book and take photos and such and at least send a CD copy of the photos to Vanessa so she can view them at her leisure. Last year, she was sick on the day of the Mad Tea Party, with a sick headache or stomach ache. She all ready had her blog stuff 'in place' so it worked out fine. But there were over fifty people who had their own Mad Tea Parties on June 26th. It took an entire week for me just to go view all of the tea party bloggers. It was great fun! And people have giveaways to enter too!
Talk to you later,

pinkglitterfae said...

hi Rebecca, your children are simply adorable! and I am always so happy to hear of children being raised with love and respect, and taught values. There are too many kids that fall through the cracks, and are left to fend for themselves.

thanks so much for dropping by my blog. Glad to hear you are going to share some of your sketches. Be fearless! everyone should feel proud of where they are at, there are no rules when it comes to sketching. Have you not seen some of my scribbles, lol?