Monday, April 26, 2010


I've been thinking about perspective today. 
Webster's Dictionary defines it as: "the power to see or think of things in their true relationship to each other; the true relationship of objects or events to one another; a mental view or prospect". I feel a bit discouraged today and it got me thinking about feeling melancholy. Often when I feel this way, my head hangs down and I see small things. If I always had my head up, I would miss some details. God is into details. He seems to revel in details. There are so many tiny things in creation that display His power. I am in awe that He created all of this beauty for us (and of course, His own glory). I find that I am encouraged when I take my eyes off myself and onto Him. It is about perspective. I can either focus on experiences that are painful, losses I have suffered or dreams not met, or I can focus on the external and internal journey of grace and harmony and love. This is who I desire to be on the inside (full of grace and harmony and love). I begin to lift my head and see forward. I see the faces of people who love me. I see distance and hope. I see vistas and more beauty and still the details are there. I don't want to have my "head in the clouds"; it's there that I can stumble and fall. He takes care of the distance. He is in my tomorrow. He already knows what it looks like and I can find peace in that. He gives me the grace I need for this day. This day I choose to remember what I have learned through pain, through loss and my failings. This day I cherish what I have gained because of His love for me. I am grateful that He softened this heart of stone. He is mindful of me. He cares about details.I can continue to feel joy in the midst of uncertainty. I can feel secure in the midst of the unknown. I can embrace the day and reclaim my focus. His beauty is in it all.

 I see His touch in the vast and the small. He is in it all. This is a safe place to be. He will not fail us now (He never has).

  • ~ all photos by me, Rebecca Howell Gibson (feel free to copy) 



Such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. ~ Angela

Rebecca said...

Lovely post on perspective...somedays are just hanging on to the vine and just abide in Hime.

Anonymous said...

A most indepth, spiritually moving essay on Perspective. The photos are beautifully appropriate~~It is a blessing to think on these things: Be not dismayed whatever comes your way.. God will take care of you. Always Love, Mother