Monday, July 5, 2010

the bounty of summer berries

  • Recently, my beloved's parents arrived from the West Coast to spend some time with us and their grand-kids. A few towns over is a wonderful farm. Summer berry picking is a favorite for our family. In season are golden, red, and black raspberries. The farm also has cherry trees and a blueberry field.  We filled our hands and mouths with the sweetest cherries. The children had lips and finger tips stained with berry juice. The bounty was plentiful.Grandpa Tom and Grandma Sonnie were in their element with the children. Instructing them on the secrets of finding the perfect berries, how to pick them off the stem, how to avoid the little thorns on the blackberry bushes. The weather was perfect with N. C. Wyeth clouds in the sky, a slight breeze to dry our sun drenched skin, and the orchard graced with bronze beetles, berry stained children, and electronic bird songs in the blueberry patch (to frighten away the real birds from stealing our blueberries).I am in awe of the colors on a blueberry bush. In the same cluster, I see new berry greens, a blush of pale pink, periwinkle and then the sheen of the ripe blueberry so rich in it's purple hue.
Our trio enjoyed their outing to the orchard. Their bellies full of fruit and minds full of memories just as sweet. Now, we search for ways to eat up all the berries. We've had them in cereals, in yogurt, on whipped cream, and just by the handful. Any suggestions? I think I'll make waffles for breakfast.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, how precious... from the grandparents to the little ones, just DARLING! It reminded me so much of home...


Sheila :-)

Ava said...

Goodness, the day sounds perfect and the fruit looks incredible. It put me in a dreamy mood :) Love to everyone! Oh and, make a blackberry cobbler or pie! Jeremy's favorite!

Anonymous said...

Wish I were there. It looked like so much fun picking the berries, cherries, and blue berries. I had heard long ago that blue berries were grown in bogs, but I had never seen a bush, for real, until your photos. Mother did call to see if I could find Grandmother Howell's vintage berry cobbler recipe...she had looked everywhere, even the Christian cookbooks we have. So, I helped her find one in the Yellow bound cookbook. She had looked there, but even I almost overlooked it, but thankfully we found I hope the recipe made it to your home via email or Facebook.
I am so happy for you that Dad and Mom Gibson are visiting.
It's been very busy here under the circumstances with Grandma S.
It's late, so I'll close.
love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

I must have been a bird in a previous life because those bird calls really agitate me! We picked at Brookdale and those cherries and raspberries were so good! The strawberries weren't as good as last year but we picked late in the season. I ended up making jam and a cherry pie. It took forever to pit the cherries, next year I'll buy a pitter! Hope you are having a good summer.