Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cha-Cha Dove's first Princess Tea

Princess Dove and I enjoyed a magical afternoon tea at the VFW Palace. We enjoyed Ariel under the sea sandwiches, enchanted apples, Sleeping Beauty cupcakes and Maid Marion's coach wheels. We were entertained by mature princesses and dancing. Princess Dove was quite impressed with the Flying Irish dancers and has asked for lessons in Irish Dance.


Marsha said...

Hi Rebecca !!! So glad you got a close up of her SHOES ! What beautiful day and was so glad to share it with you :) God Bless, Marsha

Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca and Princess Dove, AKA Charlotte, or Cha-Cha! Those pink shoes are perfect for the Tea! What a sweet time it must have been for Mother and Daughter! I'm happy to see the photos, and to read your comments. The Irish in the little princess should take well to Irish Dance! XOXO, Mother, Grammie Bee

Janice Campbell said...

How beautiful! And what fun to have a little girl to play with. She reminds me of you when you were younger.