Monday, March 29, 2010

Our children at a Spring Celebration

We experienced ten years of infertility. It was a very difficult journey for us. I feel that we have a garden of babies waiting for us in heaven. We didn't want to grow old without children, so we decided to adopt. From the time we walked into our adoption agency to the moment we walked out of the hospital, with our baby boy in our arms, 9 months had passed. I find this amazing. The length of a pregnancy and we were proud parents of our first son Grant. His name is very special to us. Grant: to bestow a gift; to keep a promise. He is a gift from God and a gift from an amazing woman who loved him enough to choose to give him to us, to hopefully give him a better life, to not abort him. He is born of prayers and love. Then, just two and a half short years later, I birthed our next three children. It was an amazing pregnancy. It was one of the most physically challenging journeys I've ever been on. They are all healthy and happy children. There is a verse in the Bible that stayed with me all those years of empty arms and aching heart. Psalm 113:9 ~ "He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord". 
We look forward to growing old with our children.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful your family is and what an amazing story. Such a gift to adopt and have triplets. They look so a like all four. What a wonderful lady to give birth and not abort. This is such a beautiful story. My eldest daughter, Hannah as always told me she is going to adopt instead of having her own since she was little and at nearly 18 still says the same. Although she will be older.
These beautiful children!
Thank you for sharing your story, so beautiful!



Julie said...

What a beautiful family! And, truly, your dolls are just exquisite! Thank you for following my blog...I am happy to have found each other's work and stories! : ) xx

Marsha said...

So amazing to read that scripture now in light of your journey ! Thank you Rebecca for sharing what only God can do and encouraging so many of us on our own unique journeys !!! Love to the gang ! Marsha