Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Embracing Spring and captured moments

  • These photos capture a moment in time. Our chilren grow up so fast. If I could hold time in a bottle, these are the moments I'd cherish. They have such a delight in nature. Flowers grace their grubby, little hands each Spring and Summer and end up wilting in little jars all over our home. Free gifts from children are the best, aren't they?Max studies the plants and decides what they are all about. Sometimes he'll be inspired to draw what he finds in our bog and yard. Dandylion fluff is the best! Make a wish and blow your dreams into the future. By the next week we'll have yellow flowers scattered in our yard, ready for more flower chains and if they last long enough, more fluff again!Charlotte is all girl. She is strong and bossy with her three brothers and loves them so.  She would rather wear brown than pink, but she is into anything Hello Kitty. She loves kittens, hamsters and bunnies. She is begging us to get a bunny for her. Grant is in his imaginary place where knights and soldiers and sword fights live. This Spring he has discovered the Civil War and wants his birthday cake to "be a Civil War cake". I'll have to get creative and hopefully the cake will match the idea he has in his head. Ben is our kind soul. He has an emotional intelligence rarely seen in children. He is tender and kind and loves dogs. He draws dogs with hearts. He sleeps with his stuffed dogs, has puppy pictures and dog books in his special place by his bed. Ben is a dog boy.
We welcome Spring. We embrace the rain and warmth, but most of all, we are thankful for the gifts God has given us...Grant, Max, Charlotte, and Benjamin.
What are the times you'd like to capture in a bottle?
(All photos by Jeremy or Ava ~ thank you!)


June said...

Rebecca my visit here has been a blessing. Your children are beautiful and the pictures of them are so lovely. I always love to hear mother's describe personalities. I always am amazed at what little big people they really are. I have such a love for children...all children...mine and other's. They are gifts to us from a loving God. I am so glad that you get that. When you get to be my age (54) you will look back on these years with the sweetest feelings.
I'm so thankful for your lovely comment today, and I'm so glad I followed you back here. You have such a lovely blog.

beth said...

the smiles and the eyes without a doubt say spring....