Thursday, March 25, 2010

some of my sculptures

  • This is the first sculpture I tried. My sister Trese introduced me to polymer clay a few summers ago and I've been inspired to make "dolls". Her hair reminds me of croisants, so maybe she's French?                                                                                   
  • "Pup-pup" was made for our Ben. He adores dogs and this one looks a little like our Pup, Charlston Chew, it is unfinished.                                                                                                

Mermaid is my favorite so far (mermaid has been sold).  I had a lot of fun creating her and was inspired by my brother Troy Howell's art in Mermaid Tales From Around the World (Mary Pope Osborne ~ author) and Lizbeth Zwerger's art too. I used shells, from Maine, in her hair.   Queen of Hearts was made for a challenge on Cloth and Clay Dolls (ning site). This is the first time I've sewed clothes for a doll. You can see her on Cloth and Clay Dolls site.  Owl was inspired by a visit of an owl to my brother's home last spring. It is also made for my daddy,  (passed on to glory in April of '97) who loved birds.  I continue to work with clay and have made others that I will eventually post here. All are one of a kind (OOAK) and are available to purchase, if you are interested. Feel free to email me at:


Anonymous said...

I love this post because it shows so many of your lovely creations!
You really have a wonderful way with making clay hair! I would never have thought of 'braiding' the clay...I am so happy you are enjoying the satisfying feeling you get from making one of a kind dolls...there are no words to describe the pleasure of seeing a doll 'comes to life'. They all have personalities of their own.
Love you,
sister Trese

Mollye said...

Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for visiting me and for the loving remarks about my son Jake. I've just bought Super Sculpy and am dying to play with it in creating dolls. How do you attach your arms and legs? And have you made any with armitures instead of the clay bodies? Thanks for any help to get me started. Hugs to you. WOW are so busy. Praise God for Blessings and strength too:) Mollye