Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A timid toe touches the uncertain path into the virtual world of blogging.

It is my foot that touches down on this virtual road to Oz. Where will it lead me? What beautiful souls will I meet along the way? I'm wearing my silver shoes today. Whenever I long for home, my feet will guide the way. Until then, Emerald City shines in the distance. I'm certain it is full of the whimsical and wild and wonderful. Much like me. Like attracts like and deep speaks to deep. Join me along the path.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the name for your blog!
Where in the world did you find such an astounding sea scape is sooo magical!
And the Aurora is spectacular! Absolutely stunning!
I see your sweet mermaid for your profile photo.
This is a nice beginning.
Your thoughts flow like water...deep, crisp, and something wonderful to drink in. Awww! I smell the clean fresh sea air...oh! how I miss the sea!
Love to you, my sweet sister

rebecca's rainbow kisses said...

Welcome my sweet sister.